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Making Good On My Word

What a difference a day makes!  I went out today to trudge through the snow and it was so beautiful and magical outside, I almost cried, guys!  In the morning sunlight, under a brilliant blue sky, the snow sparkled like snow fairies flitting about in the new untouched snow, the clean, crisp air made me feel reborn, smiling lovers walked by hand-in-hand, unicorns frolicked amongst the trees, rainbows appeared above the woodland squirrels, the little birds showered jewels and lace down on…what?  Too much?  I went a little too far there?  Uh…sorry.


So what I am getting at here is that I did what I said I would do.  And no one saw me do it either!!  I looked around, saw the coast was clear, then flopped back into the snow and made a snow angel!!!  With no horns appearing where my head was.  Impressive.  It was sheer joy!  I hadn’t done that in years and am so glad that I did!  (Note:  Do not make a snow angel when not wearing mittens, a hat, snow-pants or at least long-johns, or when en route to the library because whoever sits in the chair after you get out of it will not know you made a snow angel just before getting there and will thus throw a shocked look your way as you walk away…)




Ok, she looks a little “off”.  I was alone.  No one to help pull me up and avoid totally messing it up when I try to stand, as illustrated by the footprints and lame attempt to smooth over the snow with my hand after standing.  Don’t judge me.


Stepping Out…Rinse, Repeat…

This has been a really good week so far!  I have been an extremely good girl this week.  Well, ok, one day I was so good, I was bad.  Thursday was just one of those days where you get so preoccupied with doing stuff, that you forget to eat.  And by you, I mean me.  You know, that special kind of stupid when you actually forget about food…for most of the day!  I was way under in my WW points and my calorie count.  Oops.  I tried to make it up at the end of the day but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat that much in one sitting.

I wish

As many people know, there are a couple of storm systems who are up to no good and have started making trouble in our neighbourhood…uh…what…where was I?  Right, digressing into song lyrics just after I was talking about…uh…umm…

Oh yeah!  Weather!  Snow storms are wreaking havoc on the east side of N.A.  Where I am living, we did ok.  We got dumped on with a LOT of snow, but not really storm-like conditions.  No real windy madness or precipitation stinging my face as it hits me.

Gotta love it!  (Apparently don't gotta use proper spelling or grammar...)

Gotta love it! (Apparently don’t gotta use proper spelling or grammar…)

I actually went outside in it.  TWICE.  Yeah, I am all kinds of tough, yo!

I couldn’t stay in and not at least attempt to get to my 10,000 steps today!  I split my jaunt up into two sessions/sections/portions/outings/trips/parts (yeah, that’s right, I read thesauri from time to time.  And know not only know that thesauri is a word, but how to spell it too.  No applause, just throw money.  Thanks.).  Of course, it was actually, shall we say, unintentional.  The going out twice part, not the reading of thesauri part…just so we are clear.

I went walking in the park.  The snow was about upper-mid-shin.  It was great!  The park was peaceful and quiet with barely a whisper of a breeze (<–flowery literary tendency alert) and fresh snow everywhere.  It was great walking through it even if my jeans got soaked.  It was such a good workout to walk through that snow!  The resistance was great!  And I worked really hard to keep a brisk pace going; no easy feat when working against snow and slightly slippery footing!  I actually got my heart rate up quite a bit, very quickly.  What an amazing feeling!  I made it a little over 5,000 steps before deciding to pack it in and head home.  Besides, the muscles in my thighs and even hamstrings told me I could be darn sure that I burned just as many calories as if I had walked double that in non-winter conditions.



I came home, was bored and unsatisfied with the number of steps on my pedometer.  I decided it was time to head back out and put some more steps on it!  Oh, and to mail the thing I was supposed to mail on my first walk in the morning but just carried it around with me on the walk and then carried it home.  Because I am the sharpest knife in the drawer…or not…

I recreated my route with the sole exception of actually running the errand I was supposed to do the first time.  I just enjoyed every second of being out there!  I avoided paths where people had worn the snow down a bit because I found that made for slightly more tricky footing than just plodding through untouched, and now knee-deep, snow.  Walking through the deeper snow was not only easier on my feet, it gave more resistance, making my muscles work even harder.  And it allowed me to appease my inner five year old self!  But I was so focused on getting a good workout, I totally forgot to make a snow angel!  I will have to get outside to do that tomorrow before too many people are in the park to see me make a complete fool of myself walking through the snow.



While we got tons of snow, we really didn’t get a mad storm.  Just the same, I was prepared.  See?  I remembered something from Girl Guides!  (I know no one actually asked if I did, but thought I would throw it out there preemptively…)  I had a survival kit ready, you know, just in case.  I know storms only last for about a day and it wasn’t an apocalypse, but never hurts to have my two item survival kit on standby.  I used it today.

If anyone else is affected by the storm, I hope it does not hit too badly and that you have your own kit ready, like I did.

This is all you need, I swear!  Be safe, people!  Be prepared!

I swear by this survival kit! Be safe, people! Be prepared!


Oh yeah….I did manage to get my daily 10,000!  Yay me!!

Gaining, Mental Images and Walking. Yeah, A Lot of Walking!

Another week has come and gone and although this past week was something of a fail, it was not as epic a fail as I thought.

I stayed within my points and calorie counts on both WW and MyFitnessPal, yet at one point during the week when I gave in and decided to weigh myself, it appeared that I had put on 5 pounds!!!  I  almost fainted and got so angry at myself!  I sort of feel like I don’t know what I did wrong, but looking at some of my food choices, I think I gave in to things that I didn’t need to give in to as often as I did.  I didn’t run out to a fast food joint or anything like that, but even though I didn’t exceed the limits set for me, I went for fewer fruits and veggies than I have been.  That is ok, it was a slap in the face to myself (insert hilarious mental picture here) and having experienced one setback means that I don’t ever want to experience it again!

I don't want this expression on my face next week!

This will NOT be my face next week!

I worked hard to get back on track and ended up taking off 3 of those pounds before my weigh day.  So, I have to report that I had a net gain of 2 pounds (said with deep sigh and hanging of head in a resigned, sad kind of way).  Not as bad as 5 pounds, but not as good as a loss of 2 or more!  I am firmly back on the wagon this week, buckled in, holding on and don’t want to fall off again anytime soon!!  The things I am going to tweak are:  making sure that I consistently ensure I drink a full amount of water every day and gobbling up lots of plant life (if you suddenly got a mental image of a cartoon giant me wreaking havoc on a jungle that I am towering over, rest assured, you are not alone…I thought the exact same thing!) to ensure more efficient fuel burning.  Oh, and walking a lot more.  Like tons.

Back on Track

Speaking of walking, I think my recent (two days ago) trip to Toronto played a big role in helping to clear off some of that weight that caused such panic, fear and all around mental anguish (<–have we not seen this type of drama queen-like exaggeration somewhere before?).  My husband had to go up for the day for work, so I decided it was a good excuse to tag along and spend the day doing my own thing, just wandering around, exploring with no one else to bore with my aimless wanderings, no time constraints other than catching the train at the end of the day, finding a cafe to have tea in or a restaurant to stop at and nibble on some lunch.  I did both.  While not a cafe, I did head to a McDonald’s that I know has outlets for people to plug in things such as mobile phones one used too much on the train so are now really low on battery power before it was even noon.  Oh, and at that Rotten Ronnie’s, I managed to be there for zero WW points!  I ordered a tea and nothing more.  In the restaurant category, I found a little sushi restaurant to eat at as well and thoroughly enjoyed a really low cal lunch.

All in all, I sometimes tend to be a little daft like a dog who just doesn’t stop doing what it enjoys and so does it beyond the point of reason (Stupid dogs:  play, swimming, etc.  Stupid me:  walking on concrete for hours).  I walked all over downtown T-dot and well, behold the result of ignoring my angry feet when they pleaded with me to stop:

Steps Steps Distance

Yep, that is what happens when left to my own devices to explore and wander without a goal or a plan.  Although walking around on concrete that much is not the greatest feeling for the tootsies, I was so happy to see those numbers!

Oh, and the train to Toronto leaves really early in the mornings.  So early the sun doesn’t even think it is right to be up at that time!  I love it when the sun does start to come up though.  I am always trying to take pictures of the sunrise.  That particular morning it was amazing!  Before it appeared over the horizon, a beam of orange light was shining straight up, like a spotlight being shone into the sky at a movie premiere (or from a pachinko parlour).  When I snapped, the way the camera caught the light made it look very different in the picture.  But absolutely brilliant!


Well, off I go to get my solid night’s sleep!  Gotta get more pounds off again!

I will just leave you with this question:

We are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water each day.  Do other liquids count toward that?  Let me know what you know or think.

Life, Tacos and Weigh Day!

Today is a day of celebrating the little things in my life.

Celebration #1:  I am alive.  I don’t mean it in the same way that my incredibly healthy grandfather used to say, “Oh, I’m hanging in there.  But I might day any day now”, for about 20 years.  I mean I survived the elements outside.  It is nasty out there.  It is very mild out (+2C, to get up to +8C), which means, on this miserable grey day, it is raining, which is melting the snow and there are puddles everywhere.  In many spots, there is no avoiding the puddles, only seeking to cross them in the shallowest spot possible.  The treacherous part is the ice.  I went out thinking that the pavement and sidewalks looked wonderfully bare; free from ice and snow, just wet.  I quickly discovered that layer of water and those puddles were hiding a very thin, very dangerous layer of ice at the bottom.  You cannot see it at all and thus cannot tell which areas are slippery and which are not.  I went out to meet some other job seekers at a cafe today, which should have been a five minute walk from my apartment.  It took me a little over 15 minutes to get there and my feet were soaked through in that short distance.  (Note to self, discount store winter boots that look very stylish, usually are just that, stylish.  Not leak-proof.  Spend the money next time, cheapo!  Arg.)  But I made it there and back without falling and cracking my head open.  Yay me!

This would have been better.  Slippery spots are easy to find!

This would have been better. Slippery spots are easy to find!

Celebration #2:  My night out was cancelled.  Only an idiot would be happy about a girls’ night out being shot down at the last minute, right?  I was supposed to meet some friends at a pub near my apartment, for $2 taco night.  I was looking at that as a celebration because I have been doing so well and knew I would be able to exercise great control at eating a modest portion.  Eating what I want but not really sabotaging my efforts.  I was going to avoid alcohol…or at least limit myself to one drink only.  However, for stupid reasons (like people having to work late at their jobs, pfffft!), we are postponing until next week.  And it doesn’t bother me at all!  I am actually relieved because under it all, I wanted just one more week to make it to a milestone that would make me REALLY happy and want to reward myself.  Don’t get me wrong…I don’t feel like I am depriving myself at all.  I am actually enjoying what I am eating and feel great.  But it is that great feeling that is reward in itself and keeps me going and makes me actually want to not eat out!!!  (What???  Who said that???)  So since I cannot celebrate going out, I choose to celebrate staying in!

Yep, this is the spot.  Actually very funky and retro inside.  With awesome tacos.

Yep, this is the spot. Actually very funky and retro inside. With awesome tacos.

Celebration #3:  It was my weigh-day!  What the…really?  That is worth celebrating???  Yes, I was happy about getting on the scales today.   No, I am not off my head.  In fact, I am beginning to look forward to it each week now!  It is like a little game to see just how I did this past week and a mini-rush of anticipation to see what the numbers hold for me when I look down.  I am pleased to report I lost another 1.5lbs this past week and that is a total loss of 8.5lbs.  Do I wish it was faster?  Yes.  But am I pleased to see a smaller number each time I step on the scales?  You bet your sweet a…uh…tooth, I am!!  And I keep reminding myself that if I had given up just because it is slow, I wouldn’t have seen those numbers change at all, or worse, I could have possibly seen them go up!  (shudder)  So, circling back to #2, I am glad that tonight ended up cancelled, because I would love to go out knowing I have passed the 10lbs mark.  And if I keep this up, I am sure I will be there next week!



Only thing that I am sad about right now, is I doubt I will be working much on my quest for 10,000 steps today.  But I have been achieving that quite consistently, so one day off won’t kill me.  Besides, with that ice out there, going out and trying to do it, I might wind up with an injury which would mean many days of not getting out!

Wisdom, Knowledge and the Value of Cheap

I feel that since many of us here are sharing our experience, wisdom and knowledge to help each other out on our journeys, let me impart a little of my new-found wisdom to you all.  Cause I am wise and wonderful that way, dontcha know?

I was all stoked and excited about really making it work with my pedometer situation.  I even bought one that was “fancy-schmancy“, remember?  All those really cool functions that I don’t even look at or use, like the time, my age, my weight…and other fun, really confusing stuff.  Stuff that made it super-cool, therefore something I just HAD to have.  Just in case other people walking by me might have X-Ray vision to see that super awesome pedometer clipped to my pants, under my sweater, under my jacket and whisper to each other with hushed awe as I walk past.

Most amazing pedometer I have ever seen!

Most amazing pedometer I have ever seen!

Well, today I was determined to blow that goal of 10,000 steps right out of the water!  It was -10 today and I walked a lot for being out in that cold.  Without a hat, mitts or a scarf.  Because I am invincible!  Except for when I am not.

About 3/4 of the way through said walk, I went to check my pedometer.  Not there.  I froze on the spot (well not literally…I said it was -10, not -100).  I unzipped my jacket, completely oblivious to other people around me, likely wondering what kind of nutter I was, standing there, open-jacketed, patting myself down.  It was gone.  Gone, gone, gone, she been gone how long?  I had no idea.

Türkçe: Konuşan Pedometre

Not my actual pedometer; I cannot take a picture as it is gone forever. Bye, bye my little friend.

So, I retraced my steps, which included going back into a little gourmet shop I had checked out along the way.  The gal in the shop was all concerned and looked around as well.  And I didn’t even tell her it was fancy-schmancy…she was just that nice!

Not there.  I walked the entire route backwards to look for it….er…back the way I came…I wasn’t backwards.  I already entertained enough people when feeling myself up in search of my pedometer.

I never did find it.  I think I definitely, possibly surpassed the goal for the day.  But I got really, really cold.  And sad.  I was mostly sad, guys.

Have you seen my pedometer?

Have you seen my pedometer?


The wisdom I want to impart to you all is this:

Buy the cheap-ass pedometer.

The Food Court? BRING IT!

Apparently, I am a blogging fool at the moment.  Each day I feel compelled to share some obstacle or wee triumph I got through during the day.  And today is no exception.  I guess I will ride this wave for as long as it lasts!

We went out today for a couple of appointments.  Right next to the mall.  Appointments that wrapped up just a bit after lunchtime.  Which means, we didn’t have lunch at the normal time and were getting pretty hungry by the time we were done and decided to check out the mall (yes, that’s right folks!  I remembered to eat today!!).  You know, the mall….it has a food court.  Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!  And I was really hungry at this point.

The food Court was packed!

Not our food court, but you get the picture. (Pun toootally intended!)

But again…another day of being surprised!  The smells and aromas wafted, flowed and wrapped themselves around me, trying to tempt, coax and lull me into a sense of “wellll…I can just make up for it by eating only celery for supper tonight…because, hey, no matter how many points I eat now, celery is 0 points…so I should just go for it” [cue salivation here…but not for celery].  Luckily for me, whenever I looked at what are usually tempting choices, I was overcome with a sense of “meh” and nothing really got me excited.  The Thai fast food joint wasn’t reeeally that authentic; the “southern food” place had really disgusting looking Chinese food type of fare so the confusion between their marketing and the actual food just turned me off; the actual Chinese food place was slightly tempting until I saw the fried rice that was clearly boiled; the Japanese food place that touts itself as “Made in Japan” where no one was Japanese, and the food, while an interesting twist on Japanese food, was most certainly not dishes found or made in Japan; A&W and KFC were just out of the question (bleeech); which left the healthier choices.  I really wanted to get something from the Mediterranean or Greek place, but then remembered that I would have no clue how many points those were with WW and had no way to measure the food.  Sooo…I went to Subway and rocked it with a 6″ turkey sub combo…cleverly choosing apples instead of chips or cookies, thank-you-very-much!  I knew the points for that and was very happily full by the end!  Not only that, I was blown away by (and frankly, confused by) my lack of interest in the sinful food!

Seafood and Tofu Don - Uchiwa Japanese Cuisine

Not quite Japanese, but looks tasty just the same!

Just so pleased with myself for dodging the dietary bullets again today and making some smart choices that didn’t cause me to feel like I was giving anything up!!  Wheeee!!!  (Happy dance!)

Oh, and that pedometer shenanigans?  Hit the 10,000 mark today!  Booyah!  (Does anyone actually still say that?)  Although I have a sneaking suspicion that a couple of hundred steps registered as a result of our very jerky bus ride (yeah, that’s right, we don’t have a car.  sad sigh.)…but we shall just let that slide this time…

And finally, going to put these pics up so as to be able to take a look back and see where I started because I am bound and determined to make it history…and keep it there.

Me3 Me2 Me


Pedometers, Libraries and, Um…Something Else…What Was It???

I believe I mentioned something about a pedometer. And walking 10,000 steps every day. I’m getting there. It is a work in progress. I bought the pedometer…I swear! It is indeed in my possession. I didn’t even go for the cheapest on as I usually would…I bought a fancy-schmancy one that does a bunch of cool stuff. But one of those things is entering your weight. And the default weight it starts at is 50 pounds. What? Really? Are they marketing these to elementary school children now?  Do they have any idea how long I have to sit there and hold down that stupid button to enter my info? Oh my. Should have gone for the $9 one. But seriously, it is really cool! It has a function for going back and forth between walking and running. Because I have aspirations, guys. No marathons. Absolutely not. I hate running; I just want to be able to say I can run more than 10 feet with out collapsing in a coma brought on by oxygen deprivation (<–note the drama queen-like exaggeration).

Pedometer mystery

Yay!  New toy!

After a day of not bothering to set it up, I did so about noon today. I put it on and went out for a brisk walk in the -5 degree sunshine. I intended to walk for an hour at least but gave up after 40 minutes because, you know…-5!!!! I wore the pedometer for the rest of the afternoon and was really upset after checking it at one point and finding I was only 4% to my goal. That is when I discovered I had set my goal on the pedometer for 100,000 steps. I know we should always aim to set the bar high but uh…yeah…gotta fix that. Anyway, it was a rude awakening to not reach the goal today.  I used to be able to rack up anywhere from 12,000 to 14,000 steps per day…without going for a walk.  That was just how much I was moving in my regular daily routine.  Now, I don’t have very much to occupy my time, so, I am moving far less and have to go out of my way to get the extra activity.  So, tomorrow, I will wear the pedometer as soon as I get up and see how much better I can do at my challenge!  Of course, I might wait until after I do my morning workout, you know, just in case I reach the 100,000 steps by accident from jumping around so much.

So after my walking around today, I ended up at the library.  I know, I know, you are all thinking, “What?  All that and she is an intellectual too?!  Amazing!” [insert slow clap here]  While sitting and reading some books – and they weren’t even picture books! – I suddenly realized that as intellectual as I was trying to be, I somehow was stupid busy enough to forget to have lunch.  [insert face palm here]  As you may imagine, I was absolutely staaarrrrrving after a couple of hours hitting the books (not literally, that would just be weird).  With my ravenous hunger  and knowing I still had a TON of points left available, I came dangerously close to ordering a pizza…and I could have, without any trouble points-wise.  Then I remembered that would mean leftover pizza.  So, as much as that treat would have been great today, I just couldn’t live with the thought of continuing to eat it over the next few days.  I managed to fill up on healthier goodness in my kitchen and was much happier with what I ate, even if it wasn’t quite as much as I should have had.  Stupid lunch-forgetter!

It's 3:30pm.  I'm kinda hungry.  What am I missing??

It’s 3:30pm. I’m kinda hungry. If only I could remember what I am missing…

I did have lunch out yesterday.  It was good.  Smoked salmon and spinach with pasta.  I followed the tips from WW and asked for a take-away box when I ordered (you know, to put half of your meal in the box straightaway so you don’t eat it all).  I did feel odd doing that and felt guilty that I didn’t apologize for what the server must have thought was weird, hippy psychic madness, knowing that I would be taking food home before I even got my food!  As soon as my meal arrived, I put more than half in the box so that I was left with more healthy than carby on my plate.  I gave what I boxed up, to my husband when I got home.  He was thrilled and is extremely grateful to WW for such tips, because most times that I am out with friends but not him, he gets, as a consolation prize, what I bring home.  There really isn’t a world outside the demands of his stomach, as far as he is concerned.  Best guy to bring to a potluck party; no one has to worry about lugging home any leftovers!  Hahaha!


A little too eager, he put ALL his lunch in the take-away boxes. So smug about it too. Yeah, you’re going to be hungry in about five minutes. Trust me, I would know.

Well, onward and upward…er, downward, since we are talking about inches and pounds!

Tempura, Panic and Progress


Oh dear.  Yesterday I fell off the wagon.  I fell off and landed with a thump right on my arse.  It was my husband’s birthday but I had no intentions of cheating because I did the day before.  We were planning to go to a restaurant for his birthday where I could have happily ordered grilled salmon and veggies.  But he decided he wanted to stay home and cook.  It was his birthday, what he wants, he shall have.  I was happy about not going out.  Until I realized he wanted to stay home and make tempura.  Deep fried food.  Eeek!


Home-made Tempura

Sooo good!

It was not sooo bad, compared to eating deep fried food at a restaurant…I guess.  We had tempura eggplant, carrots and onions and string beans, potato, and shrimp.  I did well with not eating as much of it as I thought I would but still…my points went through the roof.  Funny, on the day I planned to cheat, I managed to stay within my points but on a day where I wanted to reign it all back in a little, I went over…waaayyy over.  In my opinion.  I still had lots of those crazy extra points, so, taking those into account, I was technically still within my limits.  I was probably about 25% over my regular daily allowance.  It really made me feel guilty!  Thank goodness he did not want a birthday cake!  (I know…what kind of man did I marry?  After all, who doesn’t want birthday cake???)

A contemporary birthday cake


While I went to bed feeling really horrible about how much I went over my regular daily points, I woke up today with a bit of insight on it.  I think.  Perhaps part of the point of this program is to make you really aware of what and how much food you put in your body.  I didn’t just dismiss yesterday as no big deal.  I took it very seriously and I actually felt more determined to stay on track.  For the first time, I didn’t just shrug it off and give up on the refination (<–look kids, new word!) of my eating habits…I have even more resolve to make it up to myself!  Impressive!  I kind of like this feeling!


As a result, I got out of bed this morning, got dressed and didn’t leave my room.  I did jumping jacks (yeah, that’s right, going old school.  Keeping it simple and bringing it back, my peeps!!), crunches and push-ups.  Or a reasonable facsimile thereof…it’s been a while…the push-ups were kind of pathetic.  I also could only do the push-ups on my knees…I am bound and determined to get back to being able to do them on my toes.  Also bound and determined to not refer to them anymore as girlie push-ups and guy push-ups, because gals are just as able as guys when it comes to push-ups and vice versa.  But I digress…


Keeping it simple but strong.

Keeping it simple but strong.

THEN I allowed myself to leave my room.


Since then, I have already clocked about an hour of hard-core walking today (yeah, that is right, all you runners, I said it – hard-core walking.  For realz.) and to keep that momentum for at least this week.  At the end of the week, I will take a step back and have a look at what I might want to change up for the next week, and so on.


So I spent the day sinning on Sunday (gasp!!) and today was my day of truth.  My weekly measurements.  After all that panic, I am the same around the waist (booooo!) but lost another inch on the bust (that never happens for me!  Thank God!) and half an inch around the hips (yay!)  So I am still on track.  Phew!


Sometimes, it is necessary to remind ourselves of this.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remind ourselves of this.

I know I said the measurements are most important to me, but I decided I would love to be able to brag about just how much weight I do end up losing by the time I am done.  SO, I went out today and bought some scales.  I also bought a pedometer and am going to commit to getting in 10,000 steps per day.  Minimum.


Heh heh!

Heh heh!

So, stayed tuned with how I do getting those steps in, how my measurements are going and how much weight I am losing.  I do promise that I will take and put up my “beginning of the journey” shot.  I didn’t want to; I would much rather put up a pic after it is all said and done.  But whenever I look for someone else to follow, subscribe to, relate to or be inspired by, it makes such a difference to me to see how much they worked, where they started and where they are.  The least I can do is the same.


I think this “being accountable” stuff is working.


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