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Tempura, Panic and Progress


Oh dear.  Yesterday I fell off the wagon.  I fell off and landed with a thump right on my arse.  It was my husband’s birthday but I had no intentions of cheating because I did the day before.  We were planning to go to a restaurant for his birthday where I could have happily ordered grilled salmon and veggies.  But he decided he wanted to stay home and cook.  It was his birthday, what he wants, he shall have.  I was happy about not going out.  Until I realized he wanted to stay home and make tempura.  Deep fried food.  Eeek!


Home-made Tempura

Sooo good!

It was not sooo bad, compared to eating deep fried food at a restaurant…I guess.  We had tempura eggplant, carrots and onions and string beans, potato, and shrimp.  I did well with not eating as much of it as I thought I would but still…my points went through the roof.  Funny, on the day I planned to cheat, I managed to stay within my points but on a day where I wanted to reign it all back in a little, I went over…waaayyy over.  In my opinion.  I still had lots of those crazy extra points, so, taking those into account, I was technically still within my limits.  I was probably about 25% over my regular daily allowance.  It really made me feel guilty!  Thank goodness he did not want a birthday cake!  (I know…what kind of man did I marry?  After all, who doesn’t want birthday cake???)

A contemporary birthday cake


While I went to bed feeling really horrible about how much I went over my regular daily points, I woke up today with a bit of insight on it.  I think.  Perhaps part of the point of this program is to make you really aware of what and how much food you put in your body.  I didn’t just dismiss yesterday as no big deal.  I took it very seriously and I actually felt more determined to stay on track.  For the first time, I didn’t just shrug it off and give up on the refination (<–look kids, new word!) of my eating habits…I have even more resolve to make it up to myself!  Impressive!  I kind of like this feeling!


As a result, I got out of bed this morning, got dressed and didn’t leave my room.  I did jumping jacks (yeah, that’s right, going old school.  Keeping it simple and bringing it back, my peeps!!), crunches and push-ups.  Or a reasonable facsimile thereof…it’s been a while…the push-ups were kind of pathetic.  I also could only do the push-ups on my knees…I am bound and determined to get back to being able to do them on my toes.  Also bound and determined to not refer to them anymore as girlie push-ups and guy push-ups, because gals are just as able as guys when it comes to push-ups and vice versa.  But I digress…


Keeping it simple but strong.

Keeping it simple but strong.

THEN I allowed myself to leave my room.


Since then, I have already clocked about an hour of hard-core walking today (yeah, that is right, all you runners, I said it – hard-core walking.  For realz.) and to keep that momentum for at least this week.  At the end of the week, I will take a step back and have a look at what I might want to change up for the next week, and so on.


So I spent the day sinning on Sunday (gasp!!) and today was my day of truth.  My weekly measurements.  After all that panic, I am the same around the waist (booooo!) but lost another inch on the bust (that never happens for me!  Thank God!) and half an inch around the hips (yay!)  So I am still on track.  Phew!


Sometimes, it is necessary to remind ourselves of this.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remind ourselves of this.

I know I said the measurements are most important to me, but I decided I would love to be able to brag about just how much weight I do end up losing by the time I am done.  SO, I went out today and bought some scales.  I also bought a pedometer and am going to commit to getting in 10,000 steps per day.  Minimum.


Heh heh!

Heh heh!

So, stayed tuned with how I do getting those steps in, how my measurements are going and how much weight I am losing.  I do promise that I will take and put up my “beginning of the journey” shot.  I didn’t want to; I would much rather put up a pic after it is all said and done.  But whenever I look for someone else to follow, subscribe to, relate to or be inspired by, it makes such a difference to me to see how much they worked, where they started and where they are.  The least I can do is the same.


I think this “being accountable” stuff is working.


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