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Dirty Secrets, Food and Randomness

I have a secret.  A dirty little secret that I keep trying to ignore but it haunts me just the same.  It forced me to face it last night and deal with it.  It is this:  I love gorgonzola.  The way the deserts love the rain.  No?  What?  Deserts miss rain?  Oh.  Uh…I love gorgonzola the way…um…monkeys love coconuts?   The way everyone in the world seems to love bacon right now?  I think you get the idea.  And a cheese like gorgonzola seems like something I should stay away from at the moment…far, far away.  But like a kept woman cannot stay away from her sugar daddy, I caved.  I ran to gorgonzola last night; it had been so long and we missed each other so much (ah, there is where that desert thing belongs!).  (I am just full of these metaphors today!  Or are they similes?  Or reasonable facsimilies?  I’m confused.)

I know I will be back someday...

I know I will be back someday…

Dinner was gorgonzola risotto.  And it was amazing.  And I was pretty proud of myself for making it.  I cut calorie corners where possible.  Like omitting butter that the recipe called for.  I only use extra virgin olive oil in my recipes.  And I omitted cream; I did need to add about 1/4c of milk (1%, yo!).  I decided to portion it so that I wouldn’t be eating too much (I had about 1/2c, maybe a little less).  I paired it with some chicken and spinach cooked with fresh garlic (4 cloves, minced.  What can I say?  Garlic is another love of mine.) and grated ginger.  I also added mirin, sesame oil and a little bit of soy sauce.  Heaven in a pan, folks!  Almost as good as Sex in a Bowl…but I digress…

Not a great picture.  I think I was too excited to hold the camera still.

A good idea:  use a bread and butter plate, not a dinner plate for your portions.

In the end, I put the recipe in both WW and MyFitnessPal and although it was scary when I saw the total numbers, once I broke it down into portions, the points and nutritional information was not as bad as I thought!  Not numbers that are low enough that I would want to eat it very often, but a little less than I was expecting.  Moderation is the spice of life (and I thought it was variety!  Or paprika.  Boy, was I wrong!).

I am also a lover of spinach.  When I have it in the house, I add some to my smoothies in the mornings.  Which I did today.  Just a handful, blend it in and you can’t even taste it.  At all!  I do the same with kale if I have that in the house.  There.  There is my random tip of the day.  Perhaps I should start doing that.  Just pop a random tip in that is not really related to anything else I am saying.  Right in the middle of it all.  Just to keep you all on your toes!

Well, today is the day that our Japanese groceries get delivered!  I cannot wait.  I might even unpack them all then lay down and roll around in them!  Ok, maybe not.  I don’t want to crush my Bonchi Rice Snacks (and no, that is not some dirty euphemism!).  Lots and lots of low-cal, low point, high nutrition goodness coming my way!

This bag will possibly last me nearly a month because I will eat them that sllooowwwly.

This bag will possibly last me nearly a month because I will eat them that sllooowwwly.

Until then, I am off to make a huge dent in my daily 10,000 (steps)!

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