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Where in the Bleep Have You Been????

So, I kinda disappeared for a while there, huh?  I decided to get myself back on here and back on track.  And just love that my last post started with “I’m baaaaack!”.  I was at that time but apparently not again for the next 6 months!!!  Oops, sawry!

Back on Track

Back on Track

The wagon…fell off, banged my arse, got a concussion and then just lay there on the road allowing myself to be run over by several other wagons instead of picking myself up and getting on those!

No excuse, but an explanation:  I moved.  Far.  From Ontario to New Brunswick.  And it was expensive, tedious and not something we are going to repeat any time soon.  My husband cleverly chose this time for his 2 month visit with his family back in Japan.  Ok, ok, it was decided upon mutually because that timing made the most sense for both of us!  We packed our life up together, he left the country and I dealt with the movers and moving.  And believe it or not, I wanted it to work out that way for selfish reasons.  Really selfish.  I had in my head how things were supposed to go and I didn’t want to give up the way I saw it all in my head!  Ha ha ha!  Was I little OCD about it?  (Or CDO, as it should be!!!)  Only a little and if you were not in my head, it didn’t look like I had control over the situation at all…but there is always method in my madness, ladies and gents.  I was in complete control.  Just as I wanted to be.

No really!  I KNOW what I am doing!

No really! I KNOW what I am doing!

So I moved across a chunk of the country while my husband travelled to the other side of the planet.  And I stayed with amazing friends who gave me a roof for my head, a bed for my sleep, and a basement for my crap.  They had insisted so I could take my time looking for a place to live and job hunt.  I found the new home just before my husband came back and found a job shortly thereafter.  It was a ride and a half.

Sadly, neither a calorie burning nor a point counting ride.  Major oops.

But I am back.  I did slowly gain all the weight back, but no more than where I had started…actually I am thankful that I am at least 2 pounds under where I had been when I started this blog.  Just the same, not letting myself off that easily.  The old starting point no longer counts in my opinion; my current weight will be my official starting point for beginning again!

Once again...

Once again…

The point counting starts again tomorrow.  And no giving up, no excuses.  The major upheaval in our lives has past, we are settled and routine has taken hold.  Time to get back to where I had been before and keep going!  While I would love to join WW to go to meetings, my current budget is looking at me saying, “Uh, I don’t THINK so!”, therefore I will push myself to get back on track online and keep at it.

I missed everyone!  Watch it…I am going to be stalking your blogs, looking for inspiration, motivation, conversation and mainly just to be back!!!

Here we gooooooo!!!

Bring it!

Bring it!


Visits, Colds, and Restaurant Eating

I’m baaaaAAAaaaack!

I have to apologize for being off the radar for so long.  I had a great visit from my brother who came to stay with us for a week.  Poor guy had the nastiest cold or flu or whatever it is that is going around that gives you a fever, constant coughing and a congested chest as well as a runny nose.  And then, being the ever generous guy that he is, he gave that to my husband and I.

For most of the week, I did well.  I developed a nasty headache at first, which passed after a good night’s sleep.  Then I was left feeling as though “something was coming on”.  I had a bit of a cough but nothing major, so still managed to have fun with my brother as he recovered.

How we all looked when we were sick...

How we all looked when we were sick…

My husband was a different story.  It came on faster with him.  And he was not the best patient.  He was convinced that I no longer cared about him or his well-being, growled at me for not rushing him to the hospital, was deaf to my explanations of how experienced I was with taking care of others when they are sick and that I had every confidence that what he was experiencing was perfectly normal, he was not in danger and it had to run its course; he constantly reminded me that I was not a doctor so clearly had no idea what I was doing and therefore probably was just letting him die slowly due to my inattention and incompetence.  I just clenched my jaw, smiled, shoved the nighttime cold/flu medicine down his throat (this achieved two results:  1. he started getting better because he was asleep and more importantly, 2. he stopped complaining…because he was asleep!), made him comfortable, patted him on the head and went out with my brother.

My husband when he is sick.  Pre-medication.

Pre-cold-medication misery.

Just before my brother was getting ready to leave and my husband was on the mend, it was my turn.  I thought I escaped it, but it was not to be.  So, although I really wanted to get on here and report how my week was going, I just. couldn’t. do. it.

Other than that, I had a great week with my brother but was not a very good girl when it came to keeping track of my WW points.  Eeep.

I started to feel anxiety because, going out and having fun also meant eating out.  A lot.  I did my best to be good when we did go out.  Almost every time we ate at a restaurant, I managed to stick to eating only half of what I ordered and taking the rest home.  And in nearly all cases, my husband gets to eat my take-home food, which is fine by me!  His metabolism is up for the challenge; mine, not so much.

And exercise?  pfffft.  I did get two good days’ worth in Toronto, just walking around early in the week, but the rest of the week?  Not much activity at all.

Oh man...eating out, no exercise...oooh booyyy....I can't look!

Oh man…eating out, no exercise…oooh booyyy….I can’t look!

Therefore, I was too scared to get on the scales and so missed last week’s weigh in…and by “missed”, I mean “skipped”.  On purpose.  Completely.  I just could not face the music.  This week however, I decided it was time to suck it up and see how much damage I did and how much I had to undo.  Apparently coughing and sneezing had burned up a heck of a lot of calories because despite the eating out, I finally hit the 10 pound mark!!!!  I weighed myself two days in a row just to be sure it was not a fluke.  Hurraaayyyyy!!!!  And now despite the fact I am still coughing my brains out, I am getting better and pretty sure my metabolism will probably slow back down (dammit!).  But there is no way I am going to revert…have to keep those scales moving!!

Wooohooo!!!  I did it!  I'm going to be ok!!!

Wooohooo!!! I did it! I’m going to be ok!!!

Onward and updownward!!!

Now, off I go to get caught up on how the rest of you having been doing!  So glad to be back!

P.S.  Great comfort drink for your cold, flu, or whatever is making you cough, sneeze and feel miserable:  a hot cup of apple juice (the pressed stuff that looks like cider) with some fresh grated ginger and some cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Nothing made me happier than when my hubby showed up at my bedside with a cup of that!  He was an absolute angel once he recovered…just in time to take care of me!

This juice with...

This juice with…

...freshly grated this.  And cinnamon sprinkled in.  Make it hot!

…this, freshly grated. And cinnamon sprinkled in. Make it hot!


Stepping Out…Rinse, Repeat…

This has been a really good week so far!  I have been an extremely good girl this week.  Well, ok, one day I was so good, I was bad.  Thursday was just one of those days where you get so preoccupied with doing stuff, that you forget to eat.  And by you, I mean me.  You know, that special kind of stupid when you actually forget about food…for most of the day!  I was way under in my WW points and my calorie count.  Oops.  I tried to make it up at the end of the day but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat that much in one sitting.

I wish

As many people know, there are a couple of storm systems who are up to no good and have started making trouble in our neighbourhood…uh…what…where was I?  Right, digressing into song lyrics just after I was talking about…uh…umm…

Oh yeah!  Weather!  Snow storms are wreaking havoc on the east side of N.A.  Where I am living, we did ok.  We got dumped on with a LOT of snow, but not really storm-like conditions.  No real windy madness or precipitation stinging my face as it hits me.

Gotta love it!  (Apparently don't gotta use proper spelling or grammar...)

Gotta love it! (Apparently don’t gotta use proper spelling or grammar…)

I actually went outside in it.  TWICE.  Yeah, I am all kinds of tough, yo!

I couldn’t stay in and not at least attempt to get to my 10,000 steps today!  I split my jaunt up into two sessions/sections/portions/outings/trips/parts (yeah, that’s right, I read thesauri from time to time.  And know not only know that thesauri is a word, but how to spell it too.  No applause, just throw money.  Thanks.).  Of course, it was actually, shall we say, unintentional.  The going out twice part, not the reading of thesauri part…just so we are clear.

I went walking in the park.  The snow was about upper-mid-shin.  It was great!  The park was peaceful and quiet with barely a whisper of a breeze (<–flowery literary tendency alert) and fresh snow everywhere.  It was great walking through it even if my jeans got soaked.  It was such a good workout to walk through that snow!  The resistance was great!  And I worked really hard to keep a brisk pace going; no easy feat when working against snow and slightly slippery footing!  I actually got my heart rate up quite a bit, very quickly.  What an amazing feeling!  I made it a little over 5,000 steps before deciding to pack it in and head home.  Besides, the muscles in my thighs and even hamstrings told me I could be darn sure that I burned just as many calories as if I had walked double that in non-winter conditions.



I came home, was bored and unsatisfied with the number of steps on my pedometer.  I decided it was time to head back out and put some more steps on it!  Oh, and to mail the thing I was supposed to mail on my first walk in the morning but just carried it around with me on the walk and then carried it home.  Because I am the sharpest knife in the drawer…or not…

I recreated my route with the sole exception of actually running the errand I was supposed to do the first time.  I just enjoyed every second of being out there!  I avoided paths where people had worn the snow down a bit because I found that made for slightly more tricky footing than just plodding through untouched, and now knee-deep, snow.  Walking through the deeper snow was not only easier on my feet, it gave more resistance, making my muscles work even harder.  And it allowed me to appease my inner five year old self!  But I was so focused on getting a good workout, I totally forgot to make a snow angel!  I will have to get outside to do that tomorrow before too many people are in the park to see me make a complete fool of myself walking through the snow.



While we got tons of snow, we really didn’t get a mad storm.  Just the same, I was prepared.  See?  I remembered something from Girl Guides!  (I know no one actually asked if I did, but thought I would throw it out there preemptively…)  I had a survival kit ready, you know, just in case.  I know storms only last for about a day and it wasn’t an apocalypse, but never hurts to have my two item survival kit on standby.  I used it today.

If anyone else is affected by the storm, I hope it does not hit too badly and that you have your own kit ready, like I did.

This is all you need, I swear!  Be safe, people!  Be prepared!

I swear by this survival kit! Be safe, people! Be prepared!


Oh yeah….I did manage to get my daily 10,000!  Yay me!!

A very well-written article with some incredibly intelligent insight and thoughts! seesondraslim hits the nails on the head! We all need to take the time to stop and think about what makes us happy with ourselves. It is not all about size and shape…there is so much beauty in human beings of both sexes, all sizes and every background. Let’s celebrate ourselves!!


I try to clarify as often as possible that my journey all along has been about being a better, HEALTHIER version of the person I have always considered myself to be.

I have come a long way, and although I’m still hovering just under 200 lbs, most would agree that I look like a completely different person…but I would like to think that they’ll tell you I’m basically the same Sondra. I still do, say, and wear what the heck I want!

It makes me really sad to think of the old me (the REALLY old me) back in middle school, who felt that her smile was her only redeeming quality.


But there is something to be said for people in the world. I was blessed with friends who claim they never really noticed the fact that I was big….they…

View original post 625 more words

A Little Reminder

I was about to sit down and share the weekly panic I feel that I have not lost anything this week and my fear that by the time Tuesday rolls around, I might have gained a pound instead of losing or at least staying the same.  But first I was looking at Facebook.  My friend shared a blog that must be making its rounds on FB.  I decided instead of just sharing it as well on FB, to mention here for others to take a look at.  It made a very good point and I decided not to worry more than I should about my progress this week; I might lose more by Tuesday and I might not.  I just need to take it in stride, keep doing what I am doing and while that is happening, enjoy the now, because I have a great life and I love every second of it!!  (Even the boring, unemployed parts!!)

Have a read.  This gal said what we all need to keep in mind.

Have a great weekend, my friends!! 🙂

Wisdom, Knowledge and the Value of Cheap

I feel that since many of us here are sharing our experience, wisdom and knowledge to help each other out on our journeys, let me impart a little of my new-found wisdom to you all.  Cause I am wise and wonderful that way, dontcha know?

I was all stoked and excited about really making it work with my pedometer situation.  I even bought one that was “fancy-schmancy“, remember?  All those really cool functions that I don’t even look at or use, like the time, my age, my weight…and other fun, really confusing stuff.  Stuff that made it super-cool, therefore something I just HAD to have.  Just in case other people walking by me might have X-Ray vision to see that super awesome pedometer clipped to my pants, under my sweater, under my jacket and whisper to each other with hushed awe as I walk past.

Most amazing pedometer I have ever seen!

Most amazing pedometer I have ever seen!

Well, today I was determined to blow that goal of 10,000 steps right out of the water!  It was -10 today and I walked a lot for being out in that cold.  Without a hat, mitts or a scarf.  Because I am invincible!  Except for when I am not.

About 3/4 of the way through said walk, I went to check my pedometer.  Not there.  I froze on the spot (well not literally…I said it was -10, not -100).  I unzipped my jacket, completely oblivious to other people around me, likely wondering what kind of nutter I was, standing there, open-jacketed, patting myself down.  It was gone.  Gone, gone, gone, she been gone how long?  I had no idea.

Türkçe: Konuşan Pedometre

Not my actual pedometer; I cannot take a picture as it is gone forever. Bye, bye my little friend.

So, I retraced my steps, which included going back into a little gourmet shop I had checked out along the way.  The gal in the shop was all concerned and looked around as well.  And I didn’t even tell her it was fancy-schmancy…she was just that nice!

Not there.  I walked the entire route backwards to look for it….er…back the way I came…I wasn’t backwards.  I already entertained enough people when feeling myself up in search of my pedometer.

I never did find it.  I think I definitely, possibly surpassed the goal for the day.  But I got really, really cold.  And sad.  I was mostly sad, guys.

Have you seen my pedometer?

Have you seen my pedometer?


The wisdom I want to impart to you all is this:

Buy the cheap-ass pedometer.

Pedometers, Libraries and, Um…Something Else…What Was It???

I believe I mentioned something about a pedometer. And walking 10,000 steps every day. I’m getting there. It is a work in progress. I bought the pedometer…I swear! It is indeed in my possession. I didn’t even go for the cheapest on as I usually would…I bought a fancy-schmancy one that does a bunch of cool stuff. But one of those things is entering your weight. And the default weight it starts at is 50 pounds. What? Really? Are they marketing these to elementary school children now?  Do they have any idea how long I have to sit there and hold down that stupid button to enter my info? Oh my. Should have gone for the $9 one. But seriously, it is really cool! It has a function for going back and forth between walking and running. Because I have aspirations, guys. No marathons. Absolutely not. I hate running; I just want to be able to say I can run more than 10 feet with out collapsing in a coma brought on by oxygen deprivation (<–note the drama queen-like exaggeration).

Pedometer mystery

Yay!  New toy!

After a day of not bothering to set it up, I did so about noon today. I put it on and went out for a brisk walk in the -5 degree sunshine. I intended to walk for an hour at least but gave up after 40 minutes because, you know…-5!!!! I wore the pedometer for the rest of the afternoon and was really upset after checking it at one point and finding I was only 4% to my goal. That is when I discovered I had set my goal on the pedometer for 100,000 steps. I know we should always aim to set the bar high but uh…yeah…gotta fix that. Anyway, it was a rude awakening to not reach the goal today.  I used to be able to rack up anywhere from 12,000 to 14,000 steps per day…without going for a walk.  That was just how much I was moving in my regular daily routine.  Now, I don’t have very much to occupy my time, so, I am moving far less and have to go out of my way to get the extra activity.  So, tomorrow, I will wear the pedometer as soon as I get up and see how much better I can do at my challenge!  Of course, I might wait until after I do my morning workout, you know, just in case I reach the 100,000 steps by accident from jumping around so much.

So after my walking around today, I ended up at the library.  I know, I know, you are all thinking, “What?  All that and she is an intellectual too?!  Amazing!” [insert slow clap here]  While sitting and reading some books – and they weren’t even picture books! – I suddenly realized that as intellectual as I was trying to be, I somehow was stupid busy enough to forget to have lunch.  [insert face palm here]  As you may imagine, I was absolutely staaarrrrrving after a couple of hours hitting the books (not literally, that would just be weird).  With my ravenous hunger  and knowing I still had a TON of points left available, I came dangerously close to ordering a pizza…and I could have, without any trouble points-wise.  Then I remembered that would mean leftover pizza.  So, as much as that treat would have been great today, I just couldn’t live with the thought of continuing to eat it over the next few days.  I managed to fill up on healthier goodness in my kitchen and was much happier with what I ate, even if it wasn’t quite as much as I should have had.  Stupid lunch-forgetter!

It's 3:30pm.  I'm kinda hungry.  What am I missing??

It’s 3:30pm. I’m kinda hungry. If only I could remember what I am missing…

I did have lunch out yesterday.  It was good.  Smoked salmon and spinach with pasta.  I followed the tips from WW and asked for a take-away box when I ordered (you know, to put half of your meal in the box straightaway so you don’t eat it all).  I did feel odd doing that and felt guilty that I didn’t apologize for what the server must have thought was weird, hippy psychic madness, knowing that I would be taking food home before I even got my food!  As soon as my meal arrived, I put more than half in the box so that I was left with more healthy than carby on my plate.  I gave what I boxed up, to my husband when I got home.  He was thrilled and is extremely grateful to WW for such tips, because most times that I am out with friends but not him, he gets, as a consolation prize, what I bring home.  There really isn’t a world outside the demands of his stomach, as far as he is concerned.  Best guy to bring to a potluck party; no one has to worry about lugging home any leftovers!  Hahaha!


A little too eager, he put ALL his lunch in the take-away boxes. So smug about it too. Yeah, you’re going to be hungry in about five minutes. Trust me, I would know.

Well, onward and upward…er, downward, since we are talking about inches and pounds!

Fusion, Cheating and Not Giving Up

So I am getting closer to the two week mark.  Things still seem to be going ok so far!  I am getting a minimum of 30 minutes of walking in each day…usually more; luckily, 30 minute days are the slack days.  I did skip yesterday…I didn’t do anything.  It felt ok and I was glad to find that I really wanted to get out today after missing a day.  Well, I didn’t actually skip a day since time travel has not yet been invented…or has it???  Technically…the day still happened, I was aware of it, I even had some experiences, annoyed my husband, washed some dishes and hung out at the hospital for nearly four hours…just not necessarily in that order or all in the same place.  I just did not get out to do my daily walk.  And that is ok, because it left me really wanting to get outside today!  Which I did.  We both went out and walked a few kilometres today, which gave me a few extra WW points to use up.  Which is also ok because I fully decided several days ago that today would be a “cheat” day!

Our walk ended up at a Japanese fusion restaurant where we gorged on sushi.  Once I added up the points in the tracker, I was pleased to find that was not the cheating part!  I think the cheating might have been when I had cheesecake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.  At least that is what I suspect.  I could just be paranoid though.  After all, I shared it with my husband, so I only had half; that negates all the badness of cheesecake, right?  Right??  Hellooo??

The spoils.  So good and so right!

The spoils. So good and so right!

The cheat.  So bad but ooohhhh so right!

The cheat. So bad but ooohhhh so right!

All I know is at the end of my day, I managed to stay within my points!!!  I will admit a big part of that was the fact that because of the time we ate at the restaurant; it was in the afternoon and I was soooo full for so long, I was not even close to hungry at supper.  I knew I should have something to avoid being hungry late at night, so I did have four Triscuit with some tuna on top.  Annnd, that was it…I was done.  Done like dinner.  (See what I did there, clever little play on words.  Yeah, that is just how I roll!)

With the two week mark coming up, I do have to admit, I do not think I will find any more lost with regard to measurements this week.  But that is ok, trudging onward is the key, no matter what!  Keeping it simple, taking baby steps seems to be the right formula so far!  With time, as I get more comfortable with it all, I will plan ahead when it comes to my meals, will post recipes up here and even highlight posts from some of my favorite blogs as I go!

It’s All Happening!

Holy wow, folks!!  I have been doing WW for one week now and really don’t feel like I have been cutting back much on eating.  So, after having posted about my confusion with being allowed to eat so much…or what feels like so much when you are trying to go down in size…I had quite a surprise this morning.

I lost three inches overall!!!! I lost an inch on my waist, bust and hips!  YES!!!  No change in my arms and legs (weird, because my limbs are doing all the exercise!), but I can deal with chunky limbs if my waist line gets back to where I want it!  The rest will follow eventually.

English: A tape measure. Deutsch: Massband


I have no idea if I have lost any weight.  I don’t own any scales.  Perhaps I should, since I am doing Weight Watchers, not Size Watchers.  But as much as I like to watch the numbers go down on the scales, I get just as much, if not more, of a thrill from seeing the changes in the inches I lose and the way my clothes fit (and eventually, won’t fit anymore…in a good way!).  Point I can make about that is, years ago, I was going to a gym quite faithfully.  It was a student special for eight months.  At the end of those months, I was really upset when we did my final weigh-in and I had only lost five pounds.  I was crushed and quite frankly embarrassed.  I thought I was doing so well.  Then the trainer got out the tape measure.  When she finished and compared the numbers, I had ended up losing a total of 17 inches overall.  She had never seen that before…so many inches but so few pounds.  Of course part of it was likely due to gaining muscle after losing fat, but I am pretty sure it’s just my make-up.  I used to and probably always will, weigh a little more than people the same size as me.

Things are really shaping up!!

Things are really shaping up!!

Sooo…my biggest priority when it comes to results are the inches I lose.

The exercise I am getting in is not very difficult.  I am making it a priority to get outside every day for at least 30 minutes of brisk walking.  I have gotten lazy when it comes to getting down on the floor at home and toning, but not beating myself up over it, because I will do it; I know I have to.  Besides, seeing results makes me want it more!

P.S. Working as a preschool teacher has the potential to do this for you as well! (Speaking from experience)

P.S. Working as a preschool teacher has the potential to do this for you as well! (Speaking from experience)

And so it has begun.

The Road to Skinny…I mean Healthy!

So, KoyoAndi is finally going to Japanize her body.

Well, sort of.  I want to get smaller.  Not waif-ish or skinny but slim and still curvy.  Then I will fit a lot more comfortably in airplane seats (not a problem except I no longer have the room to shift around and change positions in my seat like I used to or else a little of me will peek out from under the armrest to say hi to my neighbour) and tiny places when I go back for visits to Japan.  I did just fine in Japan when I lived there.  In fact, my first year, within 3 months, I melted.  Without any effort whatsoever.  All I had to do was be afraid of half the food and have no idea what the other half was.  Oh, and eat popcorn and chocolate as well as stay hydrated on Coke and water (not together!  Ugh!!) on the weekdays, then go out and gorge on Japanese food and tons of alcohol on the weekends.  I was not where I wanted to be but still, a heckuva lot smaller than when I set foot on the island!

Then I met a guy.  And we dated.  Then we got serious.  Then we spent lots of time together.  Then we lived together.  And he can eat.  I don’t know where it goes, but I would give almost anything to have the Japanese metabolism.  I, of course ate with him and the pounds started to creep back on.  Then we moved to Canada.  And the pounds attacked me like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie!

If I was her size, going up a jeans size would not be traumatic at all!

If I was her size, going up a jeans size would not be traumatic at all!

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