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Meals, Plans and Direction


Oooh boy.  I think I need some help.  I decided I am going to be Miss Most Organized Woman In The Universe and plan out my meals for next week. I even opened up an Excel spreadsheet do this.  Then I remembered.  I was never very good at colouring inside the lines.  Not at all, guys.  This looks like it might be too much for my scatter-brained, “think-outside-the-box-what-box-there-was-a-box-…-where” head to handle.

I got as far as breakfast (no problem, exact same thing every morning!) and about four lunches.  Then I was stuck.  Stuck like a little car with all-season radials on a deeply snow covered road in a Canadian blizzard.  I have been looking at recipes and getting great inspiration.  But not really sure where to put everything in the order of events.  So many things I want to make and I feel like I should be looking at making something new each day…at least for suppers.  But then, hey guys, leftovers!  What then?  Or do you plan for leftovers as part of your weekly organizational plan?

Someone pull me out!

Someone pull me out!

My hubby and I are more the stick-our-heads-in-the-fridge-and-cupboards kind, saying “hmmm”  several times over before coming up with a great, spontaneous (and usually healthy) idea for what to have.  75% of the time, when I do plan ahead on what to make, when the time comes, I change my mind and make something else.  *Note:  63.8% of my statistics are 100% made-up.

Is there anyone else out there like this (breaking out in hives at the idea of “being organized”) who managed to get it together and decide that far in advance what you are going to have and stick to it?  How did you get to that point?  Do you have any pointers for me?  Or are there those who don’t plan, who just sit back, enjoy the ride and bask in the fun of surprising yourself with when mealtime comes ’round?  Do you find that works just as well for you as folks who plan ahead find that works for them?

Yep, that look about right!!

Yep, that looks about right!!

Any tips and tricks are more than welcome!  Whether it be tips and tricks in the form of advice, or tips and tricks in the form of actual money and entertainment…I’m pretty easygoing that way.

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