Happiness Is…Good Food and Progress!

Yesterday was a good food and nutrition day.  I had some really awesome food!  I made a delicious veggie, quinoa and egg scramble, inspired by another blogger, Mel, when she did a seven day cleanse.  She posted the food she ate that week and it all looked really yummy!  Thanks for the inspiration, Mel!!!  It was actually my first time ever, to eat quinoa.  I love and eat other healthy things, like couscous.  But quinoa…I have never eaten it.  It freaked me out.  I couldn’t look at it…it reminded me of, well, fish eggs.  And I don’t like fish eggs, hence my aversion to quinoa, even though I am fully aware that fish eggs, it is not.  (<–apparently Yoda is guest blogging today…)  But it was pretty good.  Obviously, I got over the appearance aversion.  Although I doubt I will ever eat it plain, on its own; I need to disguise it a little.  Don’t judge me, guys!

Français : Quinoa cuit.

Quinoa.  Not fish eggs.  Really.

I have also jacked up my snack supply.  I stocked up on more fruit.  Grapes were on sale, so I jumped on that bandwagon and got me some!  Great to have sitting around to grab pop in when feeling peckish, or snackish, or something.  Bought bananas too.  Love those.  I keep buying lots in hopes that they will get to the point that I will be forced to make banana bread.  From a healthy recipe, of course!  But they don’t stick around here long enough.  Nom, nom, nom…

Having divulged a dirtly little secret earlier about my love of gorgonzola (oh gawwd, with wine….drrrooool), I will divulge yet another dirty little secret.  Incidentally, if a dirty little secret is divulged, does that make it a dirty little public knowledge?  Or a dirty little divulgence?  (Omg, spellcheck didn’t underline that!  “Divulgence” is a real word?  Who knew?)  Annyyyway, my other little secret is this:  I didn’t just buy grapes and bananas for snacks.  I also bought…prunes.  There, I said it.  I was even embarrassed to ask for them when I couldn’t find them…I said I was “sent to get” them, as though they weren’t really for me.  I didn’t want people to think I had any problems for which I needed them or that I was elderly.  (Because, apparently I think that mentioning prunes fast forwards my face several decades, until I stop mentioning them, returning my face to its rightful age…)  But the fact is, I like them.  I think they are yummy and they make me happy.  Not because they are the drug-free way to regularity, but because they are a comfort food from childhood.  My grandparents always had prunes in the house and would give them to my brothers and I as a treat when we were kids.  So I have loved eating them since I was a little girl.  And to this day, I feel good inside when I eat them (I mean psychologically and emotionally, guys!)  I guess if I am going to turn to comfort food, I could do worse than prunes!  Phew…there, did it.  I am out of the prune closet.  I feel so much better now.  Thanks for accepting me as I am.

Pre-prunes and prune-prunes.

Pre-prunes and prune-prunes.

And best of all, our Japanese food arrived!  Holy happy dance, guys!  Woohoo!!  So much goodness, so little space in the freezer and cupboard.  We have tofu, konnyaku (yeah, you gotta look that up!), mochi, rice, snacks, tea, curry…and on and on.  And of course, we ordered bentos for each of us…good, home-cooked bentos!  The delivery didn’t get here until suppertime, so perfect timing!

The bounty

The bounty

The bento.  It was sooo yummy!  So much goodness and so little guilt! (Like, none!)

The bento. It was sooo yummy! So much goodness and so little guilt! (Like, none!)


And that 10,000?  Nailed it!  And I got in a few sets of crunches, some push-ups, worked on toning legs and even did some planking…the exercise kind, not the internet kind.  That would just be weird.  🙂

Now to nail another 10,000 today as well!!  (Did I mention that it was -16 again yesterday?)  Gotta keep that momentum going!!!

It is going to happen!

It is going to happen!




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Gifted napper, aspiring billionaire, known to occasionally run with scissors, working on New Year Resolution to be 25% more awesome.

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  1. Hahaha your posts are amusing as well! Good for you! I actually follow Mel’s blog as well and saw that quinoa stuff and still have no idea what it is, how to cook it, what it tastes like, etc. Fill me in? That’s funny that you did that at the store about the prunes; I do the exact same thing! Sometimes I’ll say “yeah my wife” or “my girlfriend wanted these” when I am single. I am not crazy, promise. Just a little embarrassed to get things sometimes so I blame it on my made up main squeeze. Lol. I saw that you bought tofu and love bananas. What a coincidence because I make a tofu banana shake! While a Dairy Queen chocolate shake it is not, it still tastes pretty damn good for being healthy! I just put about a 1/4cup (give or take) of tofu in a blender, with 1 banana, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, ice and water. It’s pretty good! Lemme know if you try it how you like it!

  2. I said “as well” a lot in the above post that isn’t very good writing! Anyway, the reason I’m writing again, I just saw on the right side of your blog the section “I get strength from” and think that is an absolutely awesome idea! I am honored to have made the cut! Very creative! Keep up the good work; you will get there!

  3. Quinoa is the couscous of the 2000s. It is extremely healthy and versatile; there are lots of recipes out there for it. Cooking? You boil it with water until all the water is absorbed. It smells a little like what it would smell like to cook grass and cardboard together. (I’m not really selling this, am I??) It was actually good with the eggs. And now that I cooked a whole package, I am going to find more recipes to use it in. On its own, it is pretty bland.

    I will have to try that tofu and banana shake! Sounds good! I usually have a shake each morning with banana and either berries or mango, yogurt and honey…and a small handful of spinach sometimes. I will keep you posted about the tofu banana stuff…I will definitely give it a try!

    I love knowing that other people out there make up imaginary people for whom they are running errands too! I am not alone! Phew! And of course you are one of the folks I get strength from…working for the same thing plus a little bit of cray-cray thrown in, will help us to support each other!! 🙂 And thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. I love prunes, they’re so yummy! I always have some at home. They’re a great replacement when you want something sweet but you don’t want dessert or candy. Also, I buy dates all the time… another great sweet treat!

  5. I know what you mean! Yesterday I was really craving something sweet so I grabbed a few prunes. Felt so much better that scolding myself for eating something that would set me back!

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