The Road to Skinny…I mean Healthy!

So, KoyoAndi is finally going to Japanize her body.

Well, sort of.  I want to get smaller.  Not waif-ish or skinny but slim and still curvy.  Then I will fit a lot more comfortably in airplane seats (not a problem except I no longer have the room to shift around and change positions in my seat like I used to or else a little of me will peek out from under the armrest to say hi to my neighbour) and tiny places when I go back for visits to Japan.  I did just fine in Japan when I lived there.  In fact, my first year, within 3 months, I melted.  Without any effort whatsoever.  All I had to do was be afraid of half the food and have no idea what the other half was.  Oh, and eat popcorn and chocolate as well as stay hydrated on Coke and water (not together!  Ugh!!) on the weekdays, then go out and gorge on Japanese food and tons of alcohol on the weekends.  I was not where I wanted to be but still, a heckuva lot smaller than when I set foot on the island!

Then I met a guy.  And we dated.  Then we got serious.  Then we spent lots of time together.  Then we lived together.  And he can eat.  I don’t know where it goes, but I would give almost anything to have the Japanese metabolism.  I, of course ate with him and the pounds started to creep back on.  Then we moved to Canada.  And the pounds attacked me like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie!

If I was her size, going up a jeans size would not be traumatic at all!

If I was her size, going up a jeans size would not be traumatic at all!

My two best friends in Japan (an Aussie and a Canadian) have both started Weight Watchers.  I had been thinking about if for some time but once they mentioned being on it themselves, I decided to jump on the bandwagon too!

It has only been a few days since I started but so far, it is pretty easy!  But then again, I feel like I have way too many points to play with!  A couple of times, I had to try to find more things to eat so I could meet my points goal!  But I am going to keep it up and get some exercise back in my life as well.  I thought losing a job would allow me all kinds of time to work out and be active.  It does!  The problem was lack of motivation, feeling like I cannot really live until I find a new job.  Joining a gym is definitely out of the question.  With such a small income coming in, I don’t really have room for that.  No worries, the gym I go to now is free.  It is called my living room floor (for abs, pushups, toning, etc.) and outside (for cardio, i.e. walking!).

NOT my face when working out. lol!

NOT my face when working out. lol!

I have another blog where I ramble on about life, my misadventures and observations.  I tried to start blogging there about my weight loss, just to keep me accountable by making it public.  But since there were so many other things I wanted to talk about on there, I decided to start a blog dedicated to nothing but my journey!  So here it is, my first entry.  I have take my first step, I am following the program and putting fitness back at the forefront of my life!!!


About koyoandi

Gifted napper, aspiring billionaire, known to occasionally run with scissors, working on New Year Resolution to be 25% more awesome.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the kind comment you’ve left for my blog. I completely understand how you feel! Y is Japanese as well and his Japanese metabolism is putting a toll on me! I wish you luck in this journey – not that you need any because you are obviously full of inner motivation and strength!! 🙂 Take care.

    • Hey there! Thanks for the reply! I SO know what you mean about the Japanese metabolism! The guy has a hollow leg or something! But the great thing is, if I eat out, I always bring home half of my food for him without feeling guilty about dumping the calories on him! Ha ha ha! Take care and looking forward to reading more of your blog! 🙂

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